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Marcel renault


Full property description

The flat is composed by a big living room, dinning room, kitchen, WC, Bathroom and comfortable bedroom.
We are located in 3 minutes walking from Champs Elysées and Arch de Triumph. The flat is surrounded by plenty amount of shops and restaurants but the street is very calm and residential.
The windows are on the side of courtyard. You can have a nice and calm night after busy day in the city.

Area description

Champs-Elysées draws a perfectly straight line from the Louvre, through the Tuilerie Gardens and the Place Concord, bisects the Arche de Triomphe where it becomes the avenue de la Grande Armée, and culminates at the base of the modern Arche de la Défence. This is Paris' new financial district, which I'm afraid looks a little like downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. A stroll through the Tuilerie Gardens is highly recommended. You can exit the Louvre and retire to the park to recover. Within the park you will discover that there are cafés and benches to use to take a break as well as the popular central fountain where you can try to snag the metal chairs people use to sunbathe in. Securing one of these free chairs is quite a feat in the busy summer months. I recommend you split up if you are in a group and try to fan out in the hope of increasing your chances. People will run and throw themselves in front of you for one of these precious chairs, so be prepared to fight. Move fast and don't look anyone in the eye. Once you have one no one can make you leave. If you need a restroom, there are pay toilets by the gate facing the Place Concorde. (but say goodbye to your chair) On the North and South end of the park are two very interesting museums--- The Jeu de Paume which is used exclusively for photography, and the Orangerie which is being renovated (closed for now) and will house a splendid impressionist collection. The Orangerie was originally built as a nursery for orange trees, but was later selected by Monet as the resting place for his famous painting, The Water Lilies, which was the museum's centerpiece.

Inventory description

1 bedroom
1 living room
1 dinning room
1 Kitchen
1 bathroom
1 WC

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Number Of Guests

Children 4-13 yrs
Babies 0-3 yrs

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