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Prepare your travel with us

Contact us to prepare your travel. We organize all your museum tickets, booking and car service.

Are you allergic ? Do you need a specific needs ? we are here to customize your stay.


• Culture side : Museum pass gift
• Just for 2 : Romantic gift
• Big family : Breakfast and sweet bar
• Ready to visit : Metro tickets and guide book


Our kind and professional concierge team is fully committed to help you anytime 24H/24H everyday. Join us and have a PRESTIGIOUS experience.


• Fashion shopper service
• Booking service
• Car service
• Delivery service
• Chef at home
• special event planner and a lot more !
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Welcome to Prestigious world

We are a short term rental agency based in Paris, London, Barcelona, Marrakech, NYC, California, Dubai, Caribbean and Mauritius.

We have large rental solution everywhere in the world from a studio to 1500m2 of villa for your vacations or business trips.

Are you worried to rent a flat or villa without no service ? Our host team are available for your confortable stay and your needs.

Now contact us and let us organize your own travel !